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uManagers was created as the ideal app for managing your business. It is the brainchild of Paul and Francis to improve business processes and productivity. Together they have combined their expertise to solve the usual critical organizational issues within a company.

The Team

With uManagers you manage your business, set new appointments, and have real-time statistics on the progress of your work and that of your team.

Francesco De Pascalis

Successful Entrepreneur and Startupper. Leader and trainer of business networks for seven years, led him to create Umanagers, which automates processes in any business.
Paolo Scardia - uManagers App

Paul Scardia

Graduate in economics and finance and business management. Specializing in human resource management and business process standardization through online

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uManagers SRLS
email: umanagersapp@gmail.com
vat: 05107840752
headquarters: Lecce, Via Corte dei Mesagnesi 30

uManagers SRLS
email: umanagersapp@gmail.com
operational headquarters: Lecce, Via Corte dei Mesagnesi 30